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New Brand Identity & Website

Aequalitas Capital Partners is an impact investment and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) advisory firm with international development at its core. It is committed to creating sustainable growth, with accountable capital and actions for a more impactful, inclusive economy.


The Design Laboratory was commissioned to design their brand identity and website.


The foundation of this concept focuses on the unique and curious word ‘Aequalitas’, which uses the letter pairing ‘ae’. This grapheme is a traditional culmination of two individual letters, coming together to form a symmetrical shape, united as one. In this direction, the grapheme tells the story of Aequalitas’ mission to offer a journey of transformation, equality, trust, and respect.


Aequalitas’ brand takes its colour inspiration from Africa’s rare stone Tanzanite. This beautiful crystal is pleochroic: it appears to be different colours when viewed from different perspectives, ranging from dark blue, purple and lilac.


The gradient of colour through the ‘journey line’ in the logo shows transition, progress, growth and energy, while using Tanzanite’s unique and different colours. 

Brand Identity & Digital

"We are advisors on Impact Investing and ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) in Africa and Asia.


The Design Laboratory team listened to our story and really understood our vision as entrepreneurs in a space not easily understood. Then they dug deeper and pulled out insights we had missed in the telling of our story and the change we wish to bring to the space of investing for good.

We loved working with the team. They are smart, professional, warm and care deeply for the outcome. They delivered a branding solution which exceeded our expectations. Something that feels like home but pushed our comfort levels. Our clients love our branding.

The Design Laboratory was not the first design team we contacted. They came highly recommended by another of their clients. After speaking with other teams, we were unanimous on the choice. We appreciate their ongoing support and belief in what we as Aequalitas Capital Partners stands for."

Geetha Tharmaratnam

CEO & Founding Partner - AEQUALITAS

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