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Apheris offers a trusted, AI driven solution to data distribution and sharing. They enable enterprises to collaborate and analyse data securely, without compromising privacy.


By combining pioneering technology with experience, knowledge and insight, Apheris bridges the gap between human knowledge and machine learning, creating a hub of connection and collaboration for any data driven business.


Apheris appointed The Design Laboratory as their design partner, to fully re-brand their company and to design multiple brand assets to use in their day to day communications like graphics, iconography and templates.

The concept chosen for the brand emphasises Apheris’ unique offering: the experience of human knowledge combined with the precision of machine learning.

Brand Identity

This iconography set communicates elements, features and processes behind the company and are easily implemented in different forms of internal and external communication.

Brand Guidelines

An extensive brand guidelines document, which spans over 70 pages and provides the necessary rules to follow when communicating under the Apheris brand.


This document aims to protect the Apheris brand identity, ensuring that all branded communication is strong, consistent and impactful across all necessary touch-points.

"Thanks to The Design Laboratory's efforts, they provided effective branding services. The team went the extra mile to exceed the client's business goal. They executed an effective workflow through open communication and quick response. They were creative, professional, and detail-oriented."

Robin Röhm
CEO & Co-Founder - APHERIS

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