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Brand Identity & Website

Eka are a venture capitalist firm based in London which invest in founders creating positive system change worldwide. 

Their mission is to empower visionary people with exceptional minds and extraordinary ideas to be first movers, and enable them to create long-lasting impact for a better tomorrow.

Eka commissioned The Design Laboratory to work on their brand strategy, brand identity, communications and website.

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Brand Identity, Digital


The brand revolves around the concept of ‘Supporting Founders’. Unapologetically big and powerful, the logo always sits at the bottom of the canvas to reinforce the idea that Eka is an established and rooted entity (bottom) that supports funders to achieve their missions (top).

The idea of support and empowerment is applied throughout the brand identity in numerous ways ranging from negative space to placing elements like text and illustrations on top of the letter ‘k’.

The logo may appear aesthetically modest at first, but it’s filled with hidden details. While the letters ‘e’ and ‘a’ symbolise conversation and understanding between investors and founders, the letter ‘k’ is the most distinctive part of the logotype due to its unique shape and the meaningful stories behind its creation. From it, we extract symbols to expand the brand that represents a key aspect for Eka.