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Brand Identity & Website

Eureeca drives innovation forward through a dynamic and powerful platform. Thanks to an ever-growing crowdfunding network, Eureeca empowers investors and businesses to strengthen strategic connections. Eureeca brings forward a virtuous project, aimed at democratising the financial world.

The Logo is made up of a double loop. It speaks of Eureecas ability to connect investors and entrepreneurs. The fluid line is representative of the pathway to success. The mark can also be seen as a light bulb filament, powering global financial growth.

Eureeca commissioned The Design Laboratory to work on their brand identity, communications, and website.

You can visit the website

Eureeca Platform

The Design Laboratory designed the whole new brand identity and website, as well as the whole Eureeca platform. You can see below some of the assets we have designed using Figma. In total it is more than a 100 screens and components that were created for the client.