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Brand Identity & Website

Granter is a consulting start-up that aims to revolutionise the R&D industry. Granter’s mission is to create a seamless R&D tax claim experience that uniquely combines the best technology with leading R&D consulting knowledge to create a new industry standard.

Granter commissioned The Design Laboratory to develop their brand strategy, brand identity, communications and website.


You can visit Granter at

Brand Identity, Digital

The Design Laboratory delved into the world of R&D tax claims in order to develop the Granter brand strategy which included a creative workshop with the client and extensive research. We delivered a brand strategy report which included brand audience, vision, purpose, values and tone of voice. The brand strategy report served as basis for all decisions moving forward and it allowed us to create a strong identity for Granter.


We developed a fresh, engaging brand identity that reflects Granter’s values and vision while remaining approachable to their audience. The concept speaks of Granter’s ability to navigate the complexities of R&D tax claims for their clients. 

The logo speaks of the full cycle of the R&D claim process. The primary logo is built on a structured grid defined by the square module, which has been turned at 45° to create a diamond. This square module is used to define the logo mark, brand anchor and graphic illustrations. The geometric lines of the letter G form a path, which starts and finishes with the square module. This represents the start and end point of the journey that Granter takes them through. Leading their customers on a path that drives them through the entire R&D claims process with ease and simplicity.

The axonometric illustrations of impossible shapes and pathways illustrate the complex nature of R&D tax claims and how Granter is able to make sense of the intricacies for the user. The pathways reference the logo and make use of the curves of the “G”. There is both structure and a fluidity to Granter’s approach. 

The website reinforces the brand concept through its confident use of colour, photography, illustration and smooth interactions.