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Matchstick Monkey

Strategy, Brand Refresh

Matchstick Monkey designs products that help parents guide their baby through the key developmental stages of growth. Innovation and problem solving are at the centre of its philosophy.

The company started from a personal need encountered by its founder, Katie, who was unable to find a good product to help sooth her teething daughter’s sore gums without getting badly bitten. Determined to design a product to solve a problem that many parents experienced, she launched the brand in 2016.

Matchstick Monkey believes that every moment matters when it comes to babies, so they set out to help parents enjoy the small things in life by developing a variety of innovative teething and baby products.

Matchstick Monkey commissioned The Design Laboratory to work on their brand strategy, strengthen their brand identity and come up with new product ideas, in line with their principles.

Brand Identity


Matchstick Monkey's identity was improved and made more cohesive by simplifying its graphic elements and creating an extensive brand guidelines document including in-depth rules for each brand element. The original version of the logo was simplified to allow for better usage and scalability while still keeping its distinctive fun and playful traits. 

The Matchstick Monkey imagery should inspire, educate and encourage in a positive and supporting way. A collection of images was curated to be used cohesively with the graphic assets in order to connect, engage and empathise with the audience. A soft, approachable and friendly colour palette brings together the feel and personality of the brand, creating a sense of familiarity and connections through the human and personable side of the primary colours.

One of the core elements of Matchstick Monkey's identity are its fun and joyful teether characters. New icons and illustrations have been designed to portray these characters, in line with the logo mark graphic style. This link between Matchstick Monkey's graphic identity and its physical products created visual consistency across the brand communication.

Matchstick Monkey believes design and safety go hand in hand. This is one of the many aspects that were taken in consideration to develop new functional and fun products, in line with . Our aim has been to continually develop the most effective products for your baby.