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Brand Identity & Website

Otentu is a start-up with a genuine story born out of a conversation between a father and his daughter. Otentu is a unique brand with a unique name.

Otentu offers creators the opportunity to showcase and sell their work in the real world to a receptive audience, helping to instil confidence in their abilities and offering. Creators are provided with the opportunity and incentive to develop their skills and accelerate their careers. Otentu inspires artistic directions and creative passions.

Otentu differentiates itself from the current collectors market by emphasizing the value in investing in student artists and designers. 

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Brand Identity


A two sided collaboration that makes space for a new art and design platform, Otentu looks to encapsulate and develop the creations of each artist, supporting and inspiring them to showcase their work. Based upon the fundamental connection between curators and creators, the name Otentu represented by the final letters TU, conveys the words YOU and TWO. Otentu brings together all the brand values within its signature. A stamp of approval that offers artists with a unique space to sell and guarantees curators these one-of-a-kind creations.