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Brand Identity

Piper offers a people management platform that aims to create

well-rounded managers by providing tools and content that has been carefully curated to help people master a variety of managerial skills.

Traditional management training tools often leave managers unprepared and unable to effectively support their teams. In contrast, Piper aims to coach, council and inspire managers ensuring the success of the workforce.

Piper offers a judgement-free method of assessing performance.

This elevates and supports managers helping them to be actively

involved in the development of their employees. Piper’s agile methodology and human centric approach is strengthened through the integration of AI, data based research and behavioural expertise.

Piper commissioned The Design Laboratory to work on their brand strategy, brand identity, communications, and website.

You can visit the website

Brand Identity


Piper presents a comprehensive people management platform, designed to cultivate well-rounded managers. Through meticulously curated tools and content, Piper empowers individuals to master diverse managerial skills. What sets Piper apart is its emphasis on empathy, integrating this crucial quality throughout its offerings. Accessible to managers and employees alike, Piper approaches the subject without judgment or bias, serving as a supportive professional ally for all.

Inspired by the empathy map, Piper's visual language incorporates characters and colors aligned with the map's four key pillars: say, do, think, feel. A thoughtfully curated collection of images complements these graphic assets, fostering connection, engagement, and empathy with the audience.

Two years following its initial launch, we reconnected with Piper to refresh select assets and enhance their website. This update reflects Piper's evolving positioning and showcases its app features through a compelling video.