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SDS Research Collective

New Brand Identity & Website

SDS Research Collective is on a mission to develop a cure for Shwachman Diamond Syndrome, a rare genetic disease which affects around 2,000 people globally.


It was founded by Julia Hawkins, mother of Poppy who suffers from SDS, and they support SDS researchers working on cutting-edge and promising preclinical programmes. They also plan to raise funds in order to help develop a cure for SDS and build a close community around the cause.

Julia commissioned The Design Laboratory to develop the SDS Research Collective’s brand identity and website.

Brand Identity & Digital

The gene that mutates in SDS lies on the long arm of chromosome 7. Taking inspiration from chromosomes found in all humans, this concept focuses on coming together as a community with a shared goal: develop a cure for SDS. 


The ‘X’ shape of a chromosome is re-appropriated in this logo as a ‘central meeting point’, representing the SDS Research Collective. It is a place where academics, researchers, families, investors, therapists, doctors, patients, etc. can cross paths and make a difference together.

The identity is sensitive, caring, and friendly thanks to its rounded shapes and vibrant colours, giving an appropriate look to the brand without loosing the medical and reliable feel to it.

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