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Brand Identity & Website

Sustained is a technology-focused start-up, based in London, working to create revolutionary products and services with a vision to create a more sustainable future. 


People make thousands of decisions every day. Sustained inspires,

empowers and educates the consumers to make better decisions by illuminating and connecting information that matters to them.


Their mission is to inspire, educate & empower everyone by offering resources that enable people to make better and more sustainable decisions that will ultimately add up and create a long-lasting impact for a better tomorrow. 


Built from this ethos, Sustained's first product is a browser extension designed to inform consumers of the impact on everyday products they purchase. Using large data sources and supply chain information they provide an easy-to-understand rating on products, giving insights on climate change, water use, pollution, human health, and more.


Sustained commissioned The Design Laboratory to work on their brand strategy, brand identity, communications, and website.


You can visit the website

Brand Identity


Sustained exists to help align perspective and bring forth from the vastness a sense of clarity.


The concept speaks of Sustained’s ability to help people make better decisions by connecting information that matters to them.


Distilling and bringing forth from the chaos into what is most important based on their values and perspectives, they connect the dots and align perspectives, encouraging them to make better and more informed decisions that will lead to a positive impact on the future.


One of the distinctive characteristics of the Sustained concept is to arrange the different elements on a canvas

freely, using both right and left justification.


Good readability in the text is important to deliver a message to the audience clearly, hence long text paragraphs are always justified left.


The concept of creating connections and highlighting the facts is applied throughout the brand identity, from the bold yet energetic colour palette to the data-centric nature of the illustrations. 



The website continues reinforcing the original brand concept, infusing and echoing the brand's codes. Animated mockups and simple card-based explainers were used to engage the user showing and explaining how to use their latest browser extension.


The sites UI is strikingly smart as the ultramarine blue contrasts the white, balancing the visual layout perfectly.


 The CTA’s were carefully crafted to minimise clicks and get Sustaineds browser extension installed on the user's machine with minimal effort.


There are also little interactive nuggets throughout the site making it a joy to use and a memorable experience. 


 This site was built with content adaption and client-side modification in mind with an easy-to-use CMS allowing a fast flexible approach to site edits and content updates.


 Visit the site at