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2020 Recordings

Brand Identity & Website

2020 Recordings specialises in all aspects of voice production, music and sound design.

With 25 years of experience, they are a community of experts from different industries, bringing together their unique skills and talents to create remarkable things.

They take pride in creating innovative, world-class productions within a friendly and vibrant environment at their studios in Kings Cross, London.

2020 Recordings commissioned The Design Laboratory to work on their brand strategy, brand identity, communications, and website.

You can visit the website

Brand Identity


2020’s business model revolves around people. All involved come from many diverse backgrounds all pitch in their strongest skill sets creating a radically different business approach. Based on these company dynamics we designed a fully adaptable brand identity that is flexible, diverse and never stops moving. 


The 2020 logo encapsulates the core essence of the brand. Bringing together different people, skills and backgrounds, forming a community that works harmoniously together to create remarkable things. The quadrant of characters that make up 2020 each represents different pieces that make up the company and its diverse approach.


Two different font pairings have been used to unify this fresh approach with each of them complementing each other perfectly.

Not only did we design the main brand and identity but we also designed the identity of the four sub-brands for 2020. Each of the sub-brands has its own unique logo colour and brand animation to represent the individuality of each of the offerings.