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Brand Strategy, Brand Identity & Website

Established in 2016, 7bridges help companies to automate and fully optimise the logistics process to achieve a lean, cutting edge operation and reduce overall logistics expenditure, through a single, unified AI-powered platform, allowing distribution from multiple stock locations worldwide. 


Their vision is to transform and democratise logistics, by enabling businesses of any scale to connect with their customers around the world in the most cost-effective, sustainable and delightful way possible.


7bridges appointed The Design Laboratory as their design and innovation partner and set a mission for us: to define their brand strategy linked to their offering, to fully re-brand their company, and to design and develop an engaging, inspirational website that will communicate and resonate with their key audiences.

Our key challenge for this project was to understand the full potential of the technology behind the 7bridges platform and how it would impact the industry before starting the creative process. As a new, proven, yet ground-breaking tech, it was essential for us to be able to distil a very complex offering into a simple brand strategy and narrative.

Visit their website:

7bridges Layers Loop Small.gif

Brand Identity, Digital

To develop the 7bridges brand strategy we researched, ran several creative workshops and tested our findings along the way. This process allowed us to create a unique, strong brand identity that reflects knowledge while connecting to its audience on a very human level.

We collated all the insights and research we gathered during this stage, and delivered an extensive brand strategy report which included brand audience, vision, purpose, values, tone of voice, and more. The brand strategy report served as foundation to create the concepts and develop the brand identity.

The concept chosen reflects 7bridges unique approach and the way they challenge the world of logistics. Looking at the problem from a different perspective and using the power of science and AI, 7bridges delivers completely optimised, unbiased, bespoke solutions like no other.


The logo’s impossible shape links to the namesake of the brand: the impossible, or negative solution of the Seven Bridges of Königsberg problem. This unusual form also challenges the user to understand and decode it.


The font used for the logo, and the rest of the brand identity, is Halvar Mittelschrift. With bulky proportions and constructed forms, Halvar is a pragmatic grotesk with the raw charm of an engineer.


The most distinguishable feature of 7bridges logomark is that it is strictly constructed using an isometric grid, which is the foundation of the whole graphic identity of 7bridges. It represents the invisible layer behind AI systems; the meticulously designed formula which keeps everything working. In the same way, the grid is literally the foundation on which all 7bridges branding elements are built on.