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Animal Spirits

Product Innovation, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Storytelling, Packaging & Website

Doctor Lukas Radosa, (a micro-biologist and scientist with a passion for uniquely crafted potions) and his friend Eva Liparova, (a talented theatre producer) wanted to find creative partners for their new venture: Animal Spirits.


Founded in Bermondsey London, Animal Spirits is a premium range of craft spirits inspired by nature, created through knowledge and celebrating the many characters of the animal kingdom.


The Design Laboratory accepted the challenge to make Lukas and Eva's vision a reality. The project brought Animal Spirits to life by disrupting an already saturated market through design innovation and storytelling. 


Animal Spirits aim to be an innovative and inspiring new contender in the drink industry, conveying a clear story, and stand out from the crowd. 


Animal Spirits first creation is the Gin01: The Rabbit and will resonate with savvy consumers, curious spirit seekers and experience lovers.


Animal Spirits tells a story of Botanical, Science and Spirits. The tale of an alchemist who blends knowledge and science through the magic of the distillation process  to release the characters of the Animal Spirits.

The Design Laboratory partnered with Animal Spirits to tell this compelling story by developing the brand strategy, the creative direction,  tone of voice, brand identity, packaging and visual language as well as the brand website.

Animal Spirits and The Rabbit invite you to explore your senses at

Creative Direction, Brand Identity, Product, Digital

The Animal Spirits logo is confident, bold and has a definitive presence. It is inspired by nature, science and spirit - and reflect a sense of knowledge and ‘mystery’.


The aesthetic of the chosen typeface used in the logo is inspired by the time-honoured world of Apothecary, reinforcing the organic, botanical and scientific visual language of this world.


The hexagon, centred in the middle of the logo represents a foundation in science. The ‘diamond’ shape is made of two arrows - pointing downwards and upwards inspired by the distillation process, from earth to spirit. These arrows are illustrated with leaf (nature) and flames (spirit). The ‘Eye’ in middle of the logo represents scientific knowledge and the awakening of Animal Spirit.


The logo supports Animal Spirits’ story of elevation - taking nature from the earth, distilling it through knowledge and releasing the spirit upwards.

Animal Spirits as a brand and idea is built upon a foundation of science. To celebrate science we adopted a scientific language throughout the branding and tone of voice.

The result of this partnership is a unique, visionary creative direction that became the foundation of a simple, yet premium brand identity.