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Brand Identity

Campfire London is the love child of that first open fire event, now a unique live fire-cooking and fermentation freight container venue in the heart of London. 

Part community hub, part entertainment space, the bar is centred around an open-fire pit where live-fire chefs serve up food to a backdrop for visiting DJs and musicians, many of whom are resident at the recording studios and record labels located nearby.  It’s a brewery taproom experience unlike any other.

Campfire commissioned The Design Laboratory to design its brand identity and create a solid style guide that allows the brand to achieve creative consistency.

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The Campfire logo is made to live side by side with the Two Tribes logo. In its core, the branding takes many cues from the Two Tribes brand identity. They share the same typeface framework and the Two tribes badge.


The simple colour palette creates a striking simple format that is bold and recognisable. The rectangular mark is easily mapped and justified by using a square based grid built from the height of the logo. 


A unique ‘ember’ graphic is used on communication and collateral, which grounds the brand to its roots: The Campfire.

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