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Brand Identity & Website

Cycle empowers companies and traders globally to deliver goods

efficiently and sustainably on the last-mile.

There is a shift happening in the mobility industry. With companies

focussing on building solutions that will contribute towards a cleaner and better future, Cycle is striving to be at the forefront of this e-movement.

Cycle embraces their mission by innovating and developing the next generation of e-mobility solutions for the delivery industry, ones that are built to fulfil the needs of every user. Creating products that offer better quality, safety and efficiency. A full ecosystem, Cycle subscription offers an unbeaten service model to couriers and delivery riders.

Cycle thrive solving new problems and overcome challenges by

being adaptable, shifting perspectives and taking new approaches.


Cycle commissioned The Design Laboratory to work on their brand strategy, brand identity, communications, and website.

Brand Identity


Cycle's identity aims to be professional while still being bold and unapologetic in its visual approach. The visual identity speaks of simplicity and quality to help build trust within the brand by removing any unnecessary visual information. As a key part of their offering, the visual identity communicates the tangibility and strength of products the brand has to offer to differentiate the brand from any current and future competitors.

Cycle identity takes inspiration from an urban landscape, which is translated into a bold logo, representing the streets that riders cross when delivering goods. At the same time, the rigid structure of letters is contrasted by soft, rounded corners speaking of the fluid and agile paths of bikes. The bespoke logotype is based on a main square module that defines the bold weight of letters. Some of the corners have been rounded to make the logo approachable and simulate the circular forms of bike paths. Cycle’s iconographic language was developed by extracting simple geometries from the logo. By combining these shapes, three sets of bold, approachable and iconic symbols were created in line with the brand.

Cycle is motivated to improve and optimise their audience’s experiences with passion and care. It speaks with an empowering voice, communicating with a positive tone that supports and engages its audience.