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Liverpool John Moores University.

Postgraduate Campaign

Liverpool John Moores University is a public research university in Liverpool, England. It has 22,445 students across both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, making it the 35th largest university in the UK.

The Design Laboratory has a creative partnership with LJMU to provide design solutions for a variety of marketing communication material.

This project showcases the story, concept & design solution for the 2019 LJMU Postgraduate campaign.

Creative Direction, Marketing, Graphic Design

Go Postgrad.

The Design Laboratory crafted a story which epitomises the Postgraduate offering at LJMU - including key insights from our research: memorable experiences, open opportunities, committed support and lots of energy:

LJMU offers over 150 postgraduate programmes and research opportunities, inviting you to explore your subject in greater depth. 

Together, with unparalleled support from world-leading experts, we can help you go deeper into your studies and go further. We champion forward-thinking, exciting and impactful Masters in every field.

For those who want to go further. Go Postgrad. Go LJMU.

Campaign Advertisement.

The Design Laboratory produced design solutions which could easily be implements across key locations, including in-house and outdoor advertisements. These solutions are designed to be eye-catching and invite the audience to be curious and begin asking themselves where they see themselves next.

There are multiple occasions in every day life in which we 'go'. By going through a corridor, we go further. By entering an elevator, we go deeper. By opening a door, we go wider. We specifically chose these opportune moments to resonate the campaign message.