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Solar Polar

Brand Identity & Website

Solar Polar are bringing to market a refrigeration and air-conditioning device that requires no electricity, has no moving parts, is silent and uses natural refrigerants.


Their mission is to enable developing countries with a new off-grid cooling solution and rid the world of unsustainable air-conditioning systems.

Solar Polar wanted to find a design partner that shared their values and understood their product, which is why they appointed The Design Laboratory as such and were commissioned to design their brand identity, infographics and website.

Visit their website:

To develop the Solar Polar brand strategy we researched, ran several creative workshops and tested our findings along the way. This process allowed us to create a unique, strong brand identity that reflects knowledge while connecting to its audience on a very human level.

We collated all the insights and research we gathered during this stage, and delivered an extensive brand strategy report which included brand audience, vision, purpose, values, tone of voice, and more. The brand strategy report served as foundation to create the concepts and develop the brand identity.

The concept we created for the brand identity is inspired by the word “half”, which pays tribute to the brand’s name and the nature of its product’s technology. Thanks to the simple forms, typography, colours and illustrations chosen for the brand identity, Solar Polar has achieved a positive and human tone of voice, which gives an approachable, yet professional feeling.


For Solar Polar we created a simple, yet unique logotype with a compelling story and hidden meanings. The two “o’s” in both words have been cut in half to represent the duality of elements: cold and hot. The logo mark is constructed taking the two half “o's" from each of the words, coming together to form a circle. This circle represents the loop of the product’s technology and is a subtle hint to the circular economy in our planet.

The Design Laboratory designed and developed a professional, yet approachable website for Solar Polar that communicates and resonates with their key audience.


We approached this by using key brand elements such as icons, illustrations and imagery, which help to communicate their offering in a vibrant and succinct manner.

Visit their website: