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New Brand Identity & Website

XO EDGE is a renewable energy company with a fresh approach and a passion for design and innovations. Its key mission is to provide cutting edge products that generate sustainable energy to power the world efficiently.


The Design Laboratory was commissioned to work on XO EDGE’s brand strategy and to design their brand identity, website and packaging.


The concept “Dare To Be Extraordinary” is pure confidence, proudly different, something new and exciting, something that defies ‘ordinary’.


In the same way that XO EDGE goes against convention, this logo and its placement ignores the conventional rules and makes its presence known unapologetically. XO EDGE doesn’t just break the rules, it rewrites them.

Brand Identity, Web & Digital

XO Edge Teaser Website

The XO Edge teaser site has been designed to be seductive yet minimal.

The clean dark interface draws the user in, coupled with a beautifully elegant intro animation, created to enhance the experience the moment you land.

Each UI element on the site has been carefully crafted according to the brand guidelines while offering a memorable touch to keep the user engaged.

The clever logo comes to life as the site completes the intro sequence, reminding you of who XO Edge is.

This teaser site is just the beginning. There is much more in-store for XO Edge, so stay tuned.