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Vodka Collection

Originated in Georgia in 1806, Eristoff Vodka has since built up a strong portfolio of eye-catching flavoured vodkas. 


They asked The Design Laboratory to help them create their next product. The project began with research into flavour trends and packaging innovation. We then wove the results of this research into a compelling product story that stayed true to Eristoff’s brand message of ‘Vodka from the Land of the Wolf.’ Eristoff Blood Orange is the first product from this body of work.

Creative Direction, Product & Graphic

Working closely with the Innovation & Development team at Bacardi, The Design Laboratory helped to understand newly emerging trends amongst their audience.


With a need to expand into new flavour territories and an opportunity to embrace the audience through story-telling, we created two unique Eristoff editions which follow the energy of the night, the spirit of the wolf pack and drink that resonated with today’s market.

Blood orange

Blood Orange was the first edition of this new range. Harvesting the spirit of the wolf and the concept of the wolf pack, we built a unique story surrounding the moon. Much in the same way that the wolf howls at this

glowing sphere, we too throw our heads back and ‘howl’ when we take a shot at the bar.