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The Art Collection

Eco-cleaning brand method invited The Design Laboratory to collaborate in the creation of their new limited edition: The Art Collection. 


The Design Laboratory created and defined the creative direction of the project and handpicked three artists that all share similar values with method, all of which are passionate about using their creativity to create a better world.


Through this collaboration method transformed their limited edition plastic bottles into curated works of art, too beautiful to bin. The partnership strives to give artists a platform to share their message, as well as bring joy through art into every home.


The Art Collection consist of three product ranges, each featuring bespoke works of art created in partnership with three inspirational MTArt Agency artists.


The Design Laboratory worked closely with the artists to translate their works of arts onto unique packaging designs for method bottles in such a way that reflects each artist vision and message, using printing techniques and sensorial finished that have resulted in a curated collection they hope will tackle the curiosity of method addicts everywhere.

Creative Direcction

Demonstrating method's passion for creativity and supporting up and coming artists Jasmine Pradissito, Zdenek Konvalina and  Adelaide Damoah have collaborated with the brand to use their creative talents to drive change for the better. 


With each artist possessing a bold, beautiful and unique aesthetic, the result is three works of art, each with a compelling message - and three striking product ranges that communicate their artistic vision.


The new ranges each come teamed with a sensational fragrance developed by method with each artist and their artworks in mind.

Jasmine Pradissito

Jasmine’s creation focuses on transforming throwaway items to give them a new lease of life, using butterflies to represent the hope of transformation and the ability to change.

Zdenek Konvalina

Adelaide Damoah

“The Design Laboratory directed and delivered the Art Collection for us. They were instrumental in strategically defining our need and created a unique brand partnership with MTart. They briefed, managed and inspired the artists to create a series of artworks that were aligned with method and its costumer's values.


The outcome not only generated one of our strongest limited edition range but also achieved a high level of sale. The Design Laboratory is highly creative, professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Anna Simon

Brand Director - METHOD UK

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